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Manual and Automatic Driving Lessons in and around Sheffield

Thank you for visiting our site. We are a Sheffield based driving school, providing a range of affordable driving lessons in Sheffield.

We describe ourselves as a 'boutique' driving school which is very much focused on meeting the needs of individual pupils. All the lessons and courses we provide are designed around each individual pupil - we don't believe a one-size-fits-all approach works.

Driving lessons can be a nervous experience for many of us, in the early days, there are a lot of issues for us to contend with. As we gain experience and our skills develop, life does become easier behind the wheel.

The aim of our teaching style is to teach you to a point beyond the driving test, getting you to try to think and drive like an experienced driver. When you then pass your test and drive on your own, you will find the transition from a learner driver to a full licence holder, a lesser problem! That's what feedback from our previous learners tell us.

We hope that by navigating through our website using the menu options on the right hand side, that you are better informed of the choices that are available to you, and the services we can provide. This could either be when going through the process of learning to drive, or building on the skills you have already gained, either as a provisional or full licence holder.

Our website will also help you learn more about the services we provide.

Please note, you're buying a service from your driving instructors, although we come back to costs, not all driving instructors are the same.


Automatic Driving Lessons in and around Sheffield

Automatic Driving Lessons

If you are looking for a driving school that provides automatic driving lessons, then look no further as we provide the service your looking for. Automatic vehicles have no clutch pedal and no need to get biting point or change gear, therefore making life behind the wheel much simpler and pleasurable.

There are a number of reasons why people drive an automatic car:

Don't want the hassle of getting biting point and changing gear?

Have issues in learning to drive in a manual car?

Disability making driving a problem?

Thinking about buying / renting an automatic car but never driven one before?

Driving an automatic is a nice experience, many of the automatics now on the market are more fuel efficient and advanced, therefore improving overall ownership.

There are also semi-automatics available. Please note that we appreciate when looking at driving schools, price is important, therefore we have created a number of packages to suit our pupils.

One important issue to remember is that if you pass your driving test in a automatic car, you are only able to drive this class of vehicle.


Intensive Driving Lessons in and around Sheffield


At times people want to learn to drive over a shorter period of time, this can be done by taking a greater number of hours over a shorter time frame. There are a few questions that you need to be take into account:

Have you driven before?

When do you want to pass by?

How much of the driving syllabus have you completed?

How confident are you at driving?

How far have you got with your theory test?

Taking the intensive route might be an option for you, why not give us a call with your requirements and lets see if we can get you driving sooner rather than later


Mobility Driving Lessons in and around Sheffield

Mobility Driving School

At NEW STAR DRIVING SCHOOL we also provide specialist driving lessons for people with disabilities or health conditions, in and around the Sheffield, Rotherham and Chesterfield area. There are a number of solutions available, of which can be tailored to an individuals needs.

You may wish to consider the following points:

Seek driving lessons as a provisional licence holder with a view to gaining a full drivers licence in a manual or automatic car.

Your health condition may have changed you may be better suited to driving an automatic vehicle.

With our health conditions it can sometimes mean that it may be more appropriate for us to drive vehicles with hand controls or a left foot accelerator.

You may choose to take advantage of the Motability Scheme, or choose an alternative method of supplying your vehicle.

Try before you buy, you may be considering having hand controls fitted to a vehicle or awaiting delivery of a motability vehicle.

Gaining mobility through driving can vastly change our lives and open new doors , driving gives many people a greater scope to do everyday activities. Take the first step and give us a no obligation call.

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