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I would highly recommend New Star Driving School to anyone learning to drive I've been having lessons for roughly 3 and a bit month and I've just passed my test I had a brilliant instructor (Tamina). I was having 2 hour lessons and it really did make all the difference. So grateful for Tamina getting me through this and helping me pass much appreciated!! - Worth every penny!!


I highly recommend New Star Driving School and in particular, driving instructor Maneem. A truly patient, friendly individual who was consistently supportive throughout all my lessons. Maneem showed a very individual approach when teaching me and I passed my test first time under his tuition. Perfect for any student but highly recommended for anyone nervous about getting behind a wheel. Thanks Maneem, I couldn't have wished for better.


I got a driving instructor and fired him after just 2 days because I was not satisfied with him, an indication of how impatient I am. I gave up thereafter but luckily found Maneem 3 months later. And his calm demeanour and effective teaching methods were exactly what I needed to pass my test on the first attempt. I can't thank him enough. I recommend him to anyone any day.


I've had a total of about 4 instructors between Two cities and I can honestly say Tami was the best I had ever come across on every level. Her ways of operating meant that this stressful task along with my busy schedule was made stress free, and I passed in a timely and cost effective manner. I left my instructor before Tamina after taking much lessons with still little confidence in driving. After three lessons with Tamina I felt like I could pass. Again as many others have said Tamina knows EXACTLY what she is doing, she always had a plan, built up my confidence, was very patient when I would make silly mistakes and I enjoyed all my lessons. Recently passed! Would 110% recommend for any one wanting to learn! I personally feel that it would genuinely be a waste of time and energy looking for an instructor elsewhere once you've been told to go to Tami. Truly the best. Thank you!


I only had a few lessons with Maneem as I switched from manual to automatic, but he was great, very patient and boosted my confidence and I passed my test today! Would highly recommend using new star driving as Maneem was brilliant, if you want to pass, use them!

Kirsty W

Maneem helped me conquer my fear of roundabouts and his calm instructions led me to an easy pass on my test. Highly recommended, including for nervous drivers!

Alison C

I can't believe I have passed my driving test....especially on my first test. I didn't think I would ever pass, until I had Maneem as my instructor. He was so patient and helped raise my confidence as I didn't believe I could do it. Thank you Maneem for all your guidance and support. You made lessons fun and made me believe in myself.

Natalie H

Thank you very much for all your support and guidance. You are a very professional instructor. A great first time pass. (Maneem Ahmed)

Mr Nadhan

A massive thank you to Kevin for teaching me to drive, and helping me pass my test first time. I never thought it was possible but your patience got me through. Kevin Jones is my Star of new star. (Kevin Jones)


Hi Dave, as you know I had to change instructors due to moving to London, I've now got a new instructor but found that he's not a patch on you, but he"ll have to do. Thank you for being so patient with me. (David Langridge)


I would like to thank Maneem for his patience and dedication. I was a very nervous and hesitant learner and despaired of even getting to the standard required to take a test, let alone pass. I am delighted to say I passed my test on 16th July and would have given up if it wasn't for Maneem. Thank you! (Maneem Ahmed)

Julie B

Hi Dave, due to a torn ligament I'm unable to drive for quite a while. Thank you for teaching me and I will recommend you to all my friends in Sheffield. (Dave Langridge)

Lizzie C

Hi Maneem, Just wanted to thank you for all your patience and good advice, you have been a brilliant instructor! (Maneem Ahmed)

Julie D

I found my lessons fun, which made the hour lessons feel like ten minutes. Its nice to be told your ready for your test and your doing really well which made me want to do even better. That is all thanks to Maneem as I passed my test in a short period of time and loved every minute of it. (Maneem Ahmed)

Laura L

Where shall I start? Having failed my driving test with another driving school, the thought of passing my test and owning a car seemed some what far fetched. It felt like a mountain to climb until a friend of mine passed his test and gave me the number for your school. I got into contact with you and started taking lessons. I found the instructor to be very calm and well mannered. I didn't just pass my test but also found myself a great friend. Thank you new star. (Akmal Khan)

Wajid A

I want to say thank you for your hard work, fitting so many lessons in with me and generally doing so much for my driving. I feel that I have come on leaps and bounds and feel so confident now. Thank you!! (Maneem Ahmed)

Jessica N

Romana set the benchmark, I had to pass first time or I'll never hear the end of it...I did it!! (Maneem Ahmed)

Waqas G

A huge thank you for helping me learn to drive and securing a pass at my first test. Really, really pleased with my driving. (Maneem Ahmed)

Romana G

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